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We are a Licensed Financial Services Agency with years of professional experience in the Finance Industry. Our mission and vision are to share knowledge to help people deal with and come out of a Financial Crisis using Practical and Biblical Techniques.


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Lekiesha Allen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Meet the Team

With 20 years of experience as a church leader and strong empowerment to follow the Gospel, Lekiesha Allen utilized both her talents and passion to author the book, Strategy. This unique work guides readers to ease the pressures of their financial woes, giving them insight through both a practical and biblical lens. Not only does Lekiesha Allen’s writing draw on information from the Bible, but also from her own personal learnings from her impressive professional background.

Lekiesha holds a degree in Business Administration and has had valuable work experience as a Credit Analyst and a Licensed Insurance Agent. The writing demonstrates her strategy of sincerely accepting the call she received from God to help propel His people into financial freedom.

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In addition to being an author and professional, Lekiesha Allen is also a talk show host on Facebook LIVE called Kingdom Financial Group Worldwide Empowerment Show.  Lekiesha is also a member of Word of Life International Fellowship, a Christian Organization with established Ministries. For more information on Lekiesha’s many professional endeavors, or booking requests, please email kingdomfinancialgroupworldwide@gmail.com or visit the website at https://youneedastrategy.wixsite.com/mysite